Note: This site is not up to date right now! The site needs an update to handle the different forms of Pokémon. But unfortunately I have currently no time for that. Until then, please use our spreadsheet which I have already updated: Pogomoves Google Spreadsheet
2nd Generation is out! 18.02.2017

Since yesterday the Pokémon of the second generation are released and today the update for this site is ready. You can check all new Pokémon with it's moves. On top of that there were much changes on the gen 1 Pokémon. They are updated on this site, too.

Because there were no new updates from Professor_Kukui and because I got no answer from him, I updated his table myself. It was much work and it is possible that I've mistyped something or that my source was not correct. If you find something wrong please contact me and I will fix it.

And now have fun with the new Pokémon!