Note: This site is not up to date right now! The site needs an update to handle the different forms of Pokémon. But unfortunately I have currently no time for that. Until then, please use our spreadsheet which I have already updated: Pogomoves Google Spreadsheet
2nd Generation Infos 15.12.2016

Since the first Pokémon of the 2nd generation are released, its time to implement them on this website. With the today's update I will give you the possibility to change some settings. You can find them in the navigation bar. There you can change the language of the Appraisal Phrases, Pokémon and Move names, as you could have done before. On top of that you can enable the legendary Pokémon in the rankings and disable legacy moves/movesets. Later you will have the possibility to find only Pokémon of a chosen generation. But until now you can only see the Pokémon of the first generation.

Even if the first Pokémon of the 2nd generation are released, we dont have them on this website yet. We have to wait until Professor_Kukui updated his data table. But right know you can already see the new Pokémon on the Evolution Calculator and on the evolution section of a Pokémon detail page. You cant search for a new Pokémon on the Evolution Calculator yet, but if you look for example for Onix you will see his evolution from the 2nd generation. Same with the Pokémon detail pages.

We hope we will get the new data of the new Pokémon as soon as possible and then we can add them on this site. Until then much fun and much success while catching the new Pokémon!